About Us

About 20 years ago, the telephone network and system business, which for years had operated in a separate universe to the computer business, started to change. The big theme was computer telephony integration, CTI, the merging of telephony and computers. It was at about this time that Itel Office started developing CTI applications.

What is CTI?

Computer Telephony Integration, or CTI for short, is the integration of the telephone network with the computer network.

Formerly a big business luxury, with a big price tag to match, CTI has moved out of the call centre and gone mainstream.

CTI links your computer (or network) to your telephone system – delivering a range of features that make running your business a whole lot easier.

'Click to call', gets your business moving faster. Forget wrong numbers – connect to your customers onscreen with a single click. It's fast, it's fun – and it saves you money.

'ScreenPop' gives you second sight. You see who's on the line, onscreen - even before you pick up the call.

CTI means that telephony events can be linked to a software application item. For example, having all the various types of communications with a customer at your fingertips. Whether that communication was via email, telephone, letter or indeed some other form of communication. A specific example might be a call log tab on a contact form detailing all the calls and possibly notes associated with each call.

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